[iOS 11.3] Empty Bookmark is created


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My iPhone X creates empty bookmark after updating iOS 11.3. What happens? This bug is not influence for my life, but empty bookmark are on the rise in my iPhone.

I’m not sure how to reproduce this. The troublesome thing is that it cannot be deleted once it is created like a below. (sorry for Japanese screen)

 -> Edit -> 

It’s a bit troublesome, but I found a way to delete empty bookmarks on other site. The procedure is as follows.

  • Create a new folder for bookmarks in a place without empty bookmarks
  • Move normal bookmarks to a newly created folder above
  • Delete the folder where only empty bookmarks remain

Briefly, create a new folder for bookmarks and move bookmarks other than empty bookmarks there.

I have not tried this way yet, because I believe this bug will be modified in the next iOS update. Somehow it is an obstacle, but I don’t want to do something worse.