Google search results of IPhone (smartphone) change to infinite scroll


Thank you for reading all the time.

As you may have noticed, the results of Google search have been changed.

Up to now, it displayed 10 results per page. If you want to see the more results, you switch the page to the second page, third page and so on.

However, the concept of this page has been lost in this change.

The first results you see are the same 10 items as before. If you want to see more results, you can press the “more” button to display the following 10 items below, and the search results will be displayed without having to switch pages.

In other words, if you press “more” to add 10 search results, you will see more and more search results on the same screen as you repeat. That means infinite scroll.

Is this convenient or not ?

As for me, being honest is that I want you to return to the previous specification. Dozens of results are displayed on the same screen, it is hard to find when returning.

Google seems to have tried this infinite scrolling specification once experimentally, but this time I thought that this specification will be officially introduced by Google so that they will not return to the specification of the previous page format.

It cannot be helped if this is a reflection of the user’s opinion.