iPhone SE 2 is the same Bezelless Terminal as iPhone X??


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Regarding the iPhone SE 2 (next iPhone SE), in the previous article I wrote that it will be released with specifications up to the internal specification with the same design as the previous iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 2 がそろそろ出そうな感じ
いつも読んでいただき、ありがとうございます。 最近様々なサイトで「iPhone SE 2がそろそろリリースされるのでは?」との情報を見ます。これだけ言われているということは、出る可能性が高いと私は思っ...

Is the iPhone SE 2 a Bezelless Terminal?

Looking at the latest information, iPhone SE 2 seems to be inclined towards, with specifications similar to those of iPhone X, that is, Touch ID is abolished in Bezelless and released as a Face ID compliant terminal .

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And it is supposed to be released in September, that is when the next iPhone X comes out. If it really comes out as a bezelless, the announcement in September seems to be reasonable (even WWDC in June is OK). I do not think it will be suddenly released without any obsession as it has impact.

iPhone (2018) Lineup

As a user-selectable terminal, this year’s iPhone seems to be the following four types if the current rumor is correct.

  • Same size as iPhone SE (screen size is 4.7 inches ??)
  • IPhone X (5.8 inch) successor
  • Cheap edition IPhone X (6.1 inch)
  • IPhone X Plus (6.5 inch)

It is a good thing to increase the choices of users, but this is quite a troublesome line-up. Although I feel a little sad that the Touch ID is gone.

Which one should we choose?

I think that there are quite a lot of people who like iPhone SE size. It is just fit for one hand. Moreover, if the size of the screen is the same as that of the normal iPhone, there is a merit that for the person using iPhone 6 ~ 8 it is the size of the terminal is the same in spite of the size of the screen is the same (the size of the width may be a little smaller).

iPhone SE 2

IPhone SE 2 is better if you are using a normal iPhone, no more screen size is required, and specs do not need to be high so much. It will be easier to hold. Well, for normal use, there is nothing wrong with the A10 Fusion chip. I guess this is over-spec too much.

iPhone X successor

It would be better to have a high-spec terminal and a larger screen, but the size of the terminal should be as good as the normal iPhone should be the successor to iPhone X.

Cheap edition iPhone X

If you want to replace the iPhone, the screen should be larger, but you do not need such high-spec terminals, and the price is cheaper, cheap version iPhone X is good choice. If it is better to hold, iPhone SE 2 is better.

iPhone X Plus

Anyway you want super HighSpec, screen is the biggest one, it is an iPhone X Plus only for a pervert person who loves the iPhone. I am most interested in this too!


I think that the iPhone to be released this year is likely to sell quite a bit. Bezelless iPhone SE, if it really comes out it will sell quite a bit. And for Plus size iPhone X, too big screen is justice, so here too will be able to sell quite a bit.

Well, the issue is the price. The recent iPhone is too much price, so I would appreciate it if it lower the price a bit.